What is SLAP?

Only the most fun you can have in the backwoods of Arkansas without marrying your cousin. Imagine the perfect combination of motorcycles, dirt roads, single track, twisty pavement, forest roads, great chow, and fellow ADVers to flap gums with. Now picture it all happening at a picturesque campground smack dab in the heart of the Ozarks and tight on the banks of a world-class paddling river (sometimes), and you're close. You really won't get it until you show up and live it. SLAP is riding single track until your arms just about fall off. SLAP is catching up with buddies you haven't seen all year, and meeting new riders you'll call friends next year. SLAP is hauling your bike in the back of your truck, pushing it off, drinking too much George Dickel and never turning a wheel (right, Wayno?).

Join us and see for yourself.